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I turn comments off for my stream announcements and then forgot to turn them back on for the valentines comic - so if you had something to say, I fixed that now. Sorry!
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I decided to create a compilation of all my useful links and resources and stuff. You can see it here. Will be updated as time goes on.
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I'm going to close commissions for a while, but anyone who still wishes they could have gotten a sketch can still contact me and I'll place you on a waiting list, and I'll contact you when I open again.

See here for the original post about sketch commissions and my prices, if you missed the whole thing.
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Here's what you'll need to know:

Basic sketches (like this): Full body single character: 25$ Character head shot: 10$
Color sketch (like this): Full body single character: 32$ head shot: 17$
Color sketch with shading (like this) Full body single character: 37$ head shot: 20$

Fully rendered character portrait: 50$ (like this)

I'm not doing any other kind of commission presently.

I take paypal, and begin work after full payment, but please do not send payment until I tell you.

While I don't mind inquiries via comments or the note system, I would like all communications regarding a commission in progress to be done through email. Mine is
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I've got a tumblr, if you're into that (it has/will have the same art content posted to my LJ art_post tag/Tegaki/here, so if it's not your thing don't worry about it).

I'm slowly adding things to it whenever, expect frequency of posting to drop off whenever I start posting strictly new content.

I also have a tumblr of weird pictures I find on the net:

That is all.
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Oh wow, thank you so much! I'm honored. And hello to all the new folks; thanks for visiting! =D
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If you've wondered why I vanished for a while, I thought it only fair to tell you.

Back around Easter my father had a heart attack and later a stroke. For a few days the outlook on his survival was bleak, but he has since recovered and regained his health over the last few weeks. Besides the effects of the stroke (aphasia) he is now as healthy as can he can be.

So that's what's been up with me. I'm back to drawing now that everything has settled back down (sort of), but the fruits of my work may take several more days to pop up on here, so I thought I'd give you guys the skinny so you don't think I'm dead.
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1) Give an example(s) of something you do not like about my art, or something you would like me to change about it
2) Now tell me something (or some things) you like about my art
3) Any suggestion on what I should work harder/try to focus on/try to improve?
4) Something specific I should be trying next? Or anything else you got to say?
5) Have any favorite example of my art? If so, why do you like it most?
6) Any least favorite? Why don't you like it?

A thought that is sort of tangentially related to the above meme: I have been thinking about typography and graphic design lately. Anyone wanna give me tips on the subject, or recommend reading material? I just like periodically doing things I suck at, and I know I suck at typography despite flirting with it a few times.
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I have one - I'm unsure if I should apologize before linking! I know it's turning into a fad, but I dearly love questions, so here it is.
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By the way, I know my gallery updating died a bit, if you didn't know: my tablet died, was replaced and I'm getting back to it. Stuff'll pick up soon.

So korybing and sfemonster and JeyBarnes are doing this, and I'm jumping on it too.

Ask a question to any of my characters (any of them. You cannot get too obscure.), and they'll answer you! Keep in mind that some of them are little bastards and might not answer your question the way you would like. I will try to answer everybody. Sound like fun? Let's go!
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I am baffled and thankful and embarrassed. That's a solid combination of emotions. If you could extract it, you could give it to a cat and see if they explode from pure contradiction of attitude. Then I'd get an ignoble and killed by peta. What a way to go, maybe it's better to leave it in.

Sorry I think I got carried away there. Anyway, thank you.
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(my FAQ)

A bunch of people are doing this, so of course it's prudent to annoy you further with yet another person and this meme. Yes.

Name a character that you know I write/draw or have written/drawn, and I'll tell you:

a. What initially prompted me to write/draw them.
b. One of their best traits.
c. One of their worst traits.
d. How easy/difficult I find it to write/draw the character.
e. The moment where I feel that I truly captured the character.
f. My plans to write/draw the character in the near future.

Also: the answer to F in regards to writing will always be "eventually, at some point, something or other" so I don't need to include that in my answer, do I? Cause I just answered that part. In the form of a question.

Oh, and hi.
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(My FAQ)

I am experimenting with the idea of offering prints. Thought you might like to know.

I don't generally post memes here, but hey, maybe it'll be interesting. Taken from LaMeep

The problem with the internet: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about.

Ask away.

Then post this in your journal and find out what people don't know about you.
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(my FAQ)

First, I wanna say I know I'm not always doing very well remembering to respond to comments that likely need a response and I hope no one thinks I'm ignoring them. I feel really bad when I come across a comment from, like, five months ago and think "why didn't I answer?!" I'm really sorry.

Second, just in case anyone here is interested in reading such things I did this big character questionnaire thing. A few times over, in fact. Ersh Easi, Sornal Hooker, Jack, BoneLatch.

And I think that's about it for now.
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Yes! I finally wrote this up! Feel free to ask further questions. If I get one a lot, I'll add it here.

What program do you use for your digital pieces?

The GIMP. I'm actually using a slightly outdated version since I'm used to it and don't care about the updates they've made to the program very recently.

I have, in the past, used other programs, I always mention the media at the end of the artist's comment, so you know what I used.

How do you paint with the GIMP?

For the most part, the program works very much like Photoshop or other digital programs like that. I'm not good at explaining how the program itself works. I did a walk through showing how I work here.

Are you taking commissions?

I'm not, for the time being. I'm currently suffering from some kind of illness. I don't know what it is, but it's slowed me down a good bit. Sometimes I can't draw much, and sometimes the quality of my work suffers (you wouldn't have noticed, I don't post that - I don't even save it). I have good days, but they're unpredictable. Since I can't trust myself to be reliable, I've decided it's best not to take commissions. If my situation changes and I begin taking them again, I'll make it known.

How do you pronounce your first name?

Muh-GAIR-uh. Emphasis on the second syllable.

Are you writing/will you write stories about the characters and world in your art?

I was writing about my characters, but the aforementioned illness has slowed that down as well. Actually I've all but stopped writing simply because I can't sit up that long, and when I'm particularly tired I can't write a readable sentence to save my life. Still, I work on the stories and everything anyway since it's basically involuntary at this point.

I'll get back to it eventually.

What are the Agents?

Short answer: Agents are an extremely powerful type of magical creature in my universe. I'm using "agent" in the sense of "one who acts or exerts power". They are beings that are all mind, they're physical forms are created entirely out of magic following the orders of their unconscious mind and personality. That's why their so weird looking and no two look even remotely similar.

Long answer (which includes more about their life cycle, since people asked).

What is Sornal? Why does he look different than his sister?

Sornal is a dog/bird mutt of a man, and his excessive height is from gigantism. He and his sister Enka are half siblings. They have the same father, who is a dog, accounting for the dog traits in both, but Enka's mother was a rabbit and Sornal's mother was part dog, part bird.

(character) looks creepy/mean/scary is (character) evil?

Chances are they aren't really. Which is not to say all my characters are perfectly nice or have hearts of gold, just that their superficial appearance and apparent demeanor isn't a good indicator of what they are capable of. I don't create villains in any real sense, but I've always believed anyone can be the villain in someone else's life.
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That was yesterday. I'm sorry I didn't realize it was past midnight back in 2005 that one time, that must have been where the mix up occurred. I don't even know where you guys come from each year or where you get your information. Last year it was weird, but this year it's kind of depressing.

So, um, please stop? I'll love you without the little birthday cake emoticon. Promise.
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To all the folks coming in from the Daily Deviation, thank you! I hope you look at the rest of my work and like what you see.

While I'm at it, thank you, everyone who was already here anyway!
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Hey, do I need an FAQ? Why not! The question mark fills me with joy. So if you have a question for me, go ahead and ask it here and I'll try to give a coherent answer.

If you don't have a question (or even if you do) you can answer mine: If I were to do another desktop-size image (ala Makes Me Feel Small), what character(s) would you want in it?
(not that I'm taking requests, just looking for suggestions)
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Okay guys, I'm going to upload stuff from my journal then, in no particular order and not all at once. Thanks for your input!
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Friends, countrymen, Deviants, I wanna know somethin'.

I have for some time been posting sketches and unpolished stuff in my journal. What I want to know is, do you want me to post some of the sketches and the like here? Post it, scrap it, post now, scrap later? Yes/no/salsa?

Also, still working on the sonnets. Not saying what they are about.

Also, also, you look good in that. You should wear it more often.
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